Tina Fey‘s high school date horrors.

Now a showbiz sensation, in high school, Tina was man poison  – and landed just one date in four years!

Tina – who recently made national news with her un­canny Saturday Night Live imperson­ation of V.P. candidate Sarah Palin – was viewed by fellow 1988 graduates as an “overweight nerd” and “ugly duckling.”

“It started out very prom­ising," 37-year-old attorney David Leone recalled his date with Tina to The ENQUIRER.  "We had performed in high school theater together, and I asked her out for an event called the Snowball Dance.

“I picked her up at her parents’ house and was sur­prised and delighted to see how she’d transformed her­self from a plain Jane into a jaw-dropping knockout.

“She always wore frumpy clothes to school that were too big, but now she had on this black-and-white dress that really had me going.

“After the dance, we went to a Houlihan’s restaurant. Tina never had a boyfriend I knew of in high school, whereas I guess you could say I was something of a player.

“At the restaurant, I came over to her side of the car and standing there, asked if I could kiss her. She said yes, but when I tried to give her a full-mouth French kiss, she recoiled and slapped me!

“We still had dinner, but that certainly put a bit of a damper on the evening."

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