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Country superstar Tim McGraw was onstage in Auburn, Washington when trouble erupted.

A melee occurred offstage while Tim and his band played their first chart busting hit "Indian Outlaw" when Tim saw a man attack a lady concert goer.

Tim being the country gentleman came to the lady’s rescue and began yelling "Get rid of this  guy"  summoning security.  

As fan videos rolled, Tim lent a hand as roadies helped drag the masher onstage.  When the growling fan lumbered toward Tim, McGraw gave him a fistful of "don’ you dare" air menace.

While security removes the unruly concertgoer, the band hasn’t lost a lick of their guitar picking and Tim steps up to the mike and joins in with the line "I ain’t lookin’ for trouble . . . "  

But it sure seems choreographed.