The panicked superstar cried like a baby and was ready to flee before being forced to disclose ALL his sexual transgressions to livid wife Elin.

Sex rehab has turned into a nightmare for a devastated Tiger Woods – who broke down in tears and threatened to storm out of the clinic.

"I hate myself for getting in this situation!" confessed Tiger, according to a close source.

Just a day before his beautiful 30-year-old wife Elin arrived in Mississippi to spend five days in counseling with her husband, the 34-year-old golfer fell apart, crying like a baby in front of fellow patients, say sources.

The sports superstar, who has been at the Gentle Path rehab center in Hattiesburg since Dec. 30, dreaded his wife’s arrival – knowing that the therapy called for an agonizing face-to-face session between the two in which Tiger had to confess ALL of his infidelities.

The skirt-chasing father of two lived in fear of "Disclosure Day" – the centerpiece of the facility’s five-day family participation segment.

The day before the potent putter had to confess his long string of affairs, he suffered "a total breakdown," revealed the close source.

"He said, ‘I just CAN’T do this.’

"It scared the hell out of Tiger that he had to confess to his wife that there are more women in his past than the list of bimbos she knows about.

But just as Tiger was trying to cope with his rehab breakdown, news broke of another mistress, No. 19 – Emma Rotherham – a British mother of two who lives near Woods’ Orlando area home. And reports claimed that Tiger paid her a whopping $500,000 to keep quiet about their 18-month affair, some of which occurred while Elin was pregnant.

"The pressure started getting to Tiger as Disclosure Week came closer," said the close source. "He freaked out!
"They reminded him that Elin had given him an ultimatum – sexual addiction therapy or divorce."

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