TIGER WOODS has proven beyond all doubt that he’s bad marriage material, but that hasn’t stopped skiing champ Lindsey Vonn from trying to put a ring on his finger!

Lindsey, 29, has apparently learned nothing from Tiger’s track record. The ENQUIRER exposed him as a serial cheater during his marriage to Swedish model Elin Nordegren.

Still, with the golf great sidelined after back surgery and Lindsey recuperating from knee surgery, sources say she sees this summer as the perfect time to get hitched. But no one’s betting on it to happen anytime soon.

“Lindsey has been after Tiger for a commitment – an engagement ring, a wedding date, whatever – for months now, but Tiger won’t budge,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “After reportedly losing $110 million in his divorce, the last thing on earth Tiger wants to do is get married again.”

The sports superstars announced their dream-team hookup on his Facebook page last March. She’s been living with Tiger in his lavish $50 million Jupiter, Fla., mansion and has bonded with his two kids by Elin, daughter Sam, 6, and son Charlie, 3.

But sources say that Lindsey’s desperation to marry Tiger is actu­ally driving them apart. “Tiger likes having Lindsey around and feels she classes up his act after his adultery scandals,” said the source. “But he doesn’t love her enough to marry her and take any risk of losing more of his fortune if he can’t stay away from other women.

“I think that’s because, in his heart, Tiger knows he can’t.”