One of Tiger Woods‘ many alleged mistresses will stand trial, her attorney said.

Mindy Lawton, 33, the Orlando pancake house hostess who made headlines after being linked to the potent putter, is charged with driving while impaired, causing serious bodily injury to another person, according to court records.

Florida deputies say Lawton was drunk driving as she smashed into stopped car at a red light in August 2009.

Rather than accept a plea bargain, Lawton has chosen to stand trial, claiming innocence.

Lawton’s trial date was docketed by Orange Circuit Judge Alan Apte at the Orange County Courthouse but she did not appear in chambers.

Meanwhile, embattled wife Elin Nordgeren‘s least-liked porn performer, Tiger mistress Joslyn James, is scheduled to strip at the Pink Pony club near the Masters  – a mere nine iron away from the King of Swing.