Britney Spears is living in fear of losing her baby because she believes she suffered a miscarriage last year, sources have told The National Enquirer.

This shocking news has emerged after the 23-year-old pop diva’s April 8 hospitalization from bleeding — one of the signs of a miscarriage.

“I’m very happy and I’m feeling fine,” a beaming Britney said April 13, adding that she is looking forward to being a mom.

But we can reveal that she has every reason to fear that something could go drastically wrong. Last fall, all her dreams of becoming a mother were shattered.

Before her exotic honeymoon in the South Pacific in October, she took a pregnancy test that turned out positive, according to a well-placed source. She waited until the trip to tell hubby Kevin Federline the news. He was ecstatic. He helped decorate a nursery in their Malibu mansion while Britney diligently gave up one of her favorite vices — smoking.

Then the nightmare began and she miscarried. “It was just about the saddest moment in her whole life,” an insider said.

In the latest drama earlier this month, a four months’ pregnant Britney was rushed to the hospital near her vacation home in Destin, Fla., afraid the same thing was happening again. “She was terrified that she might be having a miscarriage.

She was near hysterical with the thought that something very bad had happened,” a source told The National Enquirer.

The scare prompted Britney to announce her pregnancy. But she was understandably frightened to death by the hospital drama.

“Britney is terrified she could lose the baby and will do everything her doctor tells her to stay out of any danger,” an insider said, adding that the singer has been told to get plenty of bed rest and not to engage in strenuous workouts, including dancing.

So Britney has promised to take life at a slower pace. Meanwhile, she looks to the future as a mom. “She’s so happy about the pregnancy,” said a source. “Nothing is more important to Britney right now than taking care of herself and the baby.”