Deeply troubled “Terminator 2” star EDWARD FURLONG may be headed to the slammer af­ter photographers snapped him committing a probation violation.

Blatantly disregarding a court order, the actor, who played John Connor in the 1991 megahit, was caught meeting with an ex-girlfriend he had assaulted.

Even more shocking, photographs obtained by The ENQUIRER show the once-promising actor – who’s struggled with heroin and cocaine addiction – with what looks suspiciously like track marks on his arms from injecting drugs.

“Edward can’t  seem to get this life together,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “But violating probation may be the rock bottom he needs to hit to turn things around.”

Back in May, the 35-year-old was busted for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, “Private Practice” actress Monica Keena at her West Hollywood  apart­ment. On July 1, he struck a plea bargain to avoid jail. He was ordered into a 90-day drug treatment pro­gram and also sent for domestic violence counseling. The judge put him on probation for five years – and ordered him to stay away from Mon­ica.

But on July 28, photographers caught him red-handed having lunch with a tearful Monica at Los Angeles’ El Torito Mexican restaurant.

“He looked like he hadn’t bathed or slept in days,” disclosed a patron. “As soon as he left the restaurant and saw photographers, he went nuts and started running down the street.”

Confided his pal: “Edward doesn’t want the courts to know he’s meeting with Monica, and he definitely doesn’t want anyone to see his ravaged arms.”