Teri Hatcher isn’t desperate to find a man, but she sure is serious about adopting a baby!

The Desperate Housewives star and single mother recently revealed her plans to adopt a baby girl — with or without a husband.

“Teri wants another child and she doesn’t want to wait until she finds a guy to do it,” a pal of the 41-year-old actress tells The ENQUIRER.

“She’s talked about having another baby for years, but the time was never right. Now that her career is at an all-time high, she says she’s ready.”

The gorgeous Golden Globe winner has a daughter, 9-year-old Emerson Rose, from her marriage to actor Jon Tenney. They divorced in 2003.

“Emerson and I have talked about it,” Teri tells USA Today. “She wants it to be a girl, and I think she’d be a great big sister.”

A Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies, curvy Teri has been romantically linked to Oscar winner George Clooney and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

The devoted mom is open to adopting a baby girl from China, like Meg Ryan did, or from Cambodia or Africa as Angelina Jolie did, sources say. “Teri has nothing but praise for Angelina and moms who adopt from foreign countries,” the pal says. “She’s looking into the possibilities, but she’d love to get a child from right here. She’s even talked about possibly adopting a child with special needs.

“She feels blessed by her good fortune and wants nothing more than to share her home and her heart with another child.”