How long can these fakers keep it up? TERESA GIUDICE explodes as fed-up CAT-mates bitch in unison at "Real Housewives of New Jersey" as so-called "stripper" controversy ignites publicity mill.

Three part reunion show – naturally unscripted because it’s“reality” went megaton as Teresa ‘s specialty– spreading rumorsbelow-the-belt jabsinsensitive slights – fueled  her fed-up castmates on The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. 

A source said that pretty much the entire cast "went apes**t" and "berserk" on Teresa after a season of non-stop treachery.

"There was so much yelling, Andy (Cohen) was shouting at us to be quiet!" said Lauren Manzo, adding that "Xanax was passed around like candy."

As for the stripper controversy Teresa told Cohen she pleaded with him to take out the content revealing Melissa's supposedly pastied past.

 Melissa's husband Joe is none too happy with the salacious rumors about his better half, and "loses his mind" during the taping. 

"They go back and forth, but nothing is resolved … there's so much pent-up anger and hurt there," an insider says. "At one point, he says, 'Dad told me you were going around town saying Melissa was a stripper."

Joe's not the only family member that Teresa butts heads with at the Borgata, as at one point, a source says that "Teresa says to [her cousin] Kathy, 'My mother told me you are going to get divorced.'"

An exasperated Kathy told Teresa her mother is a "f***ing liar" and that she is a "disgrazia." (Italian for ‘disgrace’), RadarOnline.com said.