ONE of the “unmarried” participants on the smash hit “Temptation Island” has a secret — he’s married with two children!

An ENQUIRER probe has uncovered what FOX couldn’t: Even though the network says it conducted “extensive background checks” to make sure no married persons got on the show, participant Taheed Watson has been married for the past nine years to Rosa Ramos, who has borne him two children.

And in an ironic twist, Taheed and his onscreen partner Ytossie Patterson were booted off the show midway through filming after producers found out that THEY have a child together!

“I blame the FOX network and the show’s producers for not checking out the people they allowed to go on ‘Temptation Island’ better than they did,” angry Rosa told The ENQUIRER.

“If they had done their job right, they would have known that Taheed was still very much married to me. Instead, they’ve made a star out of an adulterer and a guy who hardly sees his kids or supports them financially!”

FOX executives decided they didn’t want to be responsible for putting people at risk of violating their marriage vows, so they banned married people. They also excluded people with children so the show wouldn’t be responsible for destroying a family.

“We have a great legal staff that’s doing extensive background checks,” said associate producer Dawn Garcia. “We’re delving into every bit.”

But Rosa disclosed that she personally told a “Temptation Island” staffer about Taheed’s marriage!

And she told The ENQUIRER she found out about his appearance on the show only when her two sons saw a promo on TV!

“Suddenly they shouted, ‘Look, there’s Dad!’ ” said the 29-year-old bank loan administrator from Orange County, Calif.

“Sure enough, it was that heel of a husband of mine, Taheed — along with his girlfriend Ytossie, who stole him away from me.

“The next day, I found a phone number that was listed on the Web site for ‘Temptation Island.’ I called and told the person on the line: ‘Do you realize that this Taheed you have on is married with children?’

“There was silence on the other end. Then the man I was talking to asked me to leave my number. He assured me he’d have someone get in touch with me. But no one ever did.”

Rosa said she and Taheed moved in together while they were still teenagers. Soon after that, Rosa discovered she was pregnant.

“Our first son, Quassim, was born in September 1991, and Taheed and I got married just a few months later.”

A second son, Taheed Jr., arrived in July 1992.

Then five years ago, Rosa was devastated when she learned her husband had been seeing another woman behind her back.

“It was Super Bowl Sunday, January 1996. We all went to Taheed’s father’s house to watch the game. And there, sitting on the couch, was Ytossie. I thought she was just some friend of the family.

“Then, during the game, I suddenly noticed that Taheed was missing — and so was Ytossie.”

On the drive home, “Taheed blurted out that he didn’t want to live with me and the kids anymore.

“I said, ‘It’s that woman Ytossie, isn’t it?’ He protested, ‘No, it’s not her. I just need to be by myself for a while.’

“But a week later, I found out he’d moved in with Ytossie!”

Since then, Rosa says Taheed has contributed almost nothing to help raise their children.

Incredibly, Taheed’s parenting has also been called into question — by Ytossie!

Records show she went to court to establish Taheed’s paternity for the child she had on Dec. 31, 1998, a boy named Tylor. She also went to court to get child support.

Tylor is the child that got Taheed and Ytossie bounced off “Temptation Island” — but not before Taheed admitted in front of the cameras that he’d cheated on her too!

And when Taheed did appear on TV, Rosa said it was so traumatic she wouldn’t let her two boys watch — at first.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate. How could a responsible parent let their kids watch their dad on TV flirting with another woman? But they kicked up quite a fuss.

“So the way I handled it was I told them the show wasn’t real, it was like a soap opera and everyone was just acting — including their dad!”


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