TELEVANGELIST Benny Hinn’s son has spun out of control and is in desperate need of help, say sources.

The ENQUIRER has learned that 22-year-old Joshua Hinn has been busted twice within just nine months, and insiders say his faith healer dad needs to heal his own boy by getting him into much-needed anger-management courses.

THIS PAST FEBRUARY, JOSHUA WAS NABBED by Brazilian cops after allegedly beating up a deaf and dumb man who tried to ap­proach his 60-year-old father during a rally.

The man was reportedly so badly beaten by Joshua and bodyguards that he needed hospital treatment, but sources say charges were dropped after Hinn’s reps worked out an agreement.

 Joshua’s first bust was this past June 14 on a DUI charge in Tarpon Springs, Fla.

He recently pleaded no contest to that misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to one-year probation and had his driver’s license revoked for six months. He must also attend an alcohol education class and pay $483 in court costs.

“Josh thinks he can do whatever he wants because of who his dad is,” declared an insider.

“At the very least, he needs anger management classes. I hope the DUI serves as a wakeup call.”