The glorification of binge drinking has drenched MTV’s Jersey Shore in PR manufactured controversy, and now new exclusive photos show an underage NICOLE “Don’t call me Snooki” POLIZZI drinking heavily.

RadarOnline.com has posted never-before-seen pictures, Snooki is seen guzzling a beer bong and also shown playing the drinking game beer pong — all while well under the legal drinking age.

Even worse, one of the photos was taken after a pal died in a drunken crash after consuming alcohol at a party at Snooki’s house — a situation that led to the diminutive star being criminally charged for selling booze to minors.

Snooki reignited the controversy over excessive boozing with her appearance this week on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, where she happily related tales of blackouts and other drunken nights.

"She’s always tried to get as drunk as possible before she left for the clubs because she was underage and knew when she got there she couldn’t drink," a close pal said
"She was always fall down drunk. She would tilt her head back with her eyes half closed and latch on to random people to hold herself up because she was about to fall over."

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