Petrified “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood tear­fully told her mom she feared for her life af­ter she was attacked and almost killed in a jailhouse fight, a close source told The ENQUIRER.

The reality TV star, caged for probation violations, had to be pulled out of the “drunk tank” of Indiana’s Madi­son County jail after a female in­mate punched her and other jailbirds were threatening to do worse.

“She said the other inmates want to murder her and she’s in constant fear she will be attacked again,” said the source. “She can’t sleep at night be­cause she is so terrified.”

Amber’s most recent crisisstems from a June conviction for assaulting her ex-fiance Gary Shirley, father of her 3-year-old daughter Leah. She was given a two-year suspended jail sentence, but her probation was recently revoked after she was accused of battery and public intoxication following an attack on a woman at an Indiana restaurant in Novem­ber along with other violations.

The 21-year-old troublemaker also skipped meetings with her probation officer and failed to at­tend anger management classes, a requirement of her probation.

Because Amber appeared to be under the influence when she was arrested this time, she was placed in the holding area for inmates who are drunk or high, according to the source.

“That’s when she got punched,” said the source. “Jail staff had to pull her out be­cause the other inmates all wanted to jump on her as well.

“She made a hysterical call to her mom from jail saying she was a dead woman if she stayed there.”

And things may get even worse for Amber. She could now face drug charges because, accord­ing to friends, police discovered the painkiller hydrocodone in her purse during the arrest and she did not have a prescription for it.

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