It’s back to school for pop diva TAYLOR SWIFT – with Oscar winner Julia Roberts as her teacher!

The two bonded while filming the 2010 rom-com “Valentine’s Day,” sources say, and now 45-year-old Julia has taken Taylor, 23, under her wing.

“When they met, Julia was blown away by Taylor’s talent and beauty,” said a source. “They’ve stayed in casual touch, and Julia’s three kids have become big fans of Taylor’s music.

Julia sees a lot of herself in Taylor, so she reached out to her recently to catch up and offer some life advice.”

The “Pretty Woman” star – who dated a string of Hollywood Romeos before marry­ing cameraman Danny Moder – started out by offering dating tips to Taylor, who’s also racked up an impressive list of romantic conquests.

“Julia’s counseling Taylor on how to find the right guy and how to spot warning signs when relationships go bad,” said the source. “She’s even suggested that, in the future, Taylor steer clear of dating well-known singers and actors.

“Julia’s also sharing her beauty tips, urging Taylor to take good care of her skin and try yoga to tone her body, calm her mind and help manage stress.”

The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer has also gotten some career advice from her mentor.

“Julia’s urging Taylor to stay hungry and competitive but not let petty fights spill over into public,” said the source.

“It’s a case of Julia just trying to impart her hard-won wisdom to a kindred soul, and it’s blossoming into a beautiful friendship.”