The only reason REAL HOUSEWIVES star TAYLOR ARMSTRONG finally decided to sue for divorce from her abusive hubby was to stay on the reality show!

Taylor finally decided to file for divorce from her then-husband, Russell Armstrong, because executives at Bravo had implemented a ban prohibiting the couple from appearing on the hit show after Russell sent executives legal letters threatening to sue, RadarOnline.com reported.

As played out in real time against a creepy mindset of this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hit a new low in bad taste as the cast asked Taylor and Russell to leave a party, upon learning he threatened to sue Camille Grammer for her talking "smack" about his alleged abusive behavior toward Taylor.

But Kelsey Grammer's ex wasn't the only recipient of letters threatening legal action from Russell.

During filming, as the season progressed, Russell started sending blistering letters and emails to Bravo and NBC Universal executives threatening lawsuits.

"Russell was furious that Taylor had discussed their serious marital issues, including the fact that he hit her on multiple occasions, and that the fellow housewives were now talking about it on the show," an insider divulged

“Russell would have had no legal leg to stand on because it was Taylor who was telling the girls this stuff. Bravo and NBC decided that Russell and Taylor were more trouble than they were worth, and decided to end filming with them, as soon as it became apparent that Russell was going to continue down that path."

Russell ultimately committed suicide by hanging himself last August.

His estranged wife remained on the show.