Child star Tatum O’Neal — who has battled addiction and her ex, John McEnroe, over custody of their kids — is hopeful Britney Spears can make a comeback. “[Britney] needs to think she needs some help; no one can tell her,” O’Neal tells Entertainment Tonight. “She can get better … but it’s going to be hard, and she’ll do it publicly, and that sucks.”

The Oscar winner says, “I went through my problems too, and I relate to her, and I feel really sad for her. I had to realize that I had to take my own responsibility for everything, whether it was anger at my dad, or anger at my ex-husband … I did all the things that she doesn’t want to do — I did the drug testing, I did the parenting classes … it was very humbling. But I wanted those kids more than I cared about getting [back at anybody]. I wanted those kids in my life because my mother lost custody of me when I was six years old. So I relate, you know, and I feel sad.”