Bossy REBEL WILSON turning the set of “Super Fun Night” into a not-so-super fun place for her co-stars!

Insiders say the plus-size funnylady has an ego as big as her girth, and she’s been super-bossy and controlling with the ABC show’s other leading ladies – Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira. The three women play nerdy best friends Kimmie (Rebel), Marika (Lauren) and Helen-Alice (Liza), who set aside every Friday as a “girls’ night.”

“Rebel can be a bitch, and she’s already managed to completely alienate Liza and Lauren,” said a source. “She can’t get her mind around the concept of an ensemble comedy.

“Since she created the show and also writes and produces, she buzzes around the lot in a golf cart at breakneck speed like she’s God’s gift to television. She’s usually barking orders on her cell phone and driving one-handed. Twice she nearly slammed into Lauren and didn’t even apologize. She dominates the crew the same way and has developed a reputation as a bulldozer.”

But the biggest complaint among the cast and crew is that the 27-year-old Aussie actress insists on staying in character on the set. “She completely drops her Australian accent whenever she’s on the lot,” the source continued. “She speaks like an American and insists that she be addressed as ‘Kimmie’ at all times.

“One time Liza forgot and walked into Rebel’s dressing room, relaying the message, ‘Reb, they need you in wardrobe.’ Rebel screamed, ‘I’m Kimmie, damn it! Kimmie! My name is Kimmie!’”

Lauren and Liza are no shrinking violets, says the source, and they frequently butt heads with Rebel.

“There have been a couple of screamfests,” the source divulged. “Rebel has a habit of changing lines of dialogue or reassigning a line from one character to another minutes before shooting. It throws everyone off.

“She seems to thrive on chaos, and both actresses have threatened to quit. Rebel doesn’t care. She’ll say, ‘Don’t bother, I’m the boss. I’ll have you fired.’”

The full-figured comedic actress was a huge star in Australia before scene-stealing performances in “Pitch Perfect” and “Bridesmaids” made her a hit in the U.S.

“Rebel’s incredibly talented and one of the funniest women in TV today,” the source said. “She uses her weight as a comic advantage, which obviously endears her to audiences and her growing legion of fans. But success definitely has gone to her head, and she treats her co-stars like the hired help.”

Part of the problem, says the source, is that Rebel has her eye on the big screen.

“Rebel ultimately wants to be a movie star and she’s getting a lot of offers,” the source added. “So even if the series tanks, she has nothing to lose.”