Patrick Swayze takes turn for worse – TV show shuts down.

Courageous Patrick Swayze battling his cancer valiantly continued to film episodes of his USA show The Beast when he suddenly threw the entire cast and crew into an out-of-control panic attack! 

"We were able to shoot around his character but in the back of everyone’s mind was the question ‘Is he coming back?" a production insider divulged exclusively to The ENQUIRER.

Luckily it was a fever that passed after four days and everyone on the Chicago set soon breathed a sigh of relief.

But producers worry constantly that Swayze will get sicker because his body has been ravaged by his battle with pancreatic cancer.  Despite the star’s desire to return immediately to work, producers made him take an extra day off.

"We know the shoe is going to drop one day but for now he’s back and he really seems fine," the source revealed.

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