Nine months after PATRICK SWAYZE’s tragic death, his family is embroiled in a bitter feud over his fortune, sources say.

The bighearted star had helped support his mom Patsy and his brothers – actor Don, who was recently hospitalized for stress, and truck driver Sean, who lost his driver’s license after a DUI arrest, say pals.

But insiders say that Patrick’s widow Lisa isn’t as charitable.

"Patrick was the glue that held everyone all together, and now that he’s gone the family is falling apart," a close family friend told The ENQUIRER.

"His widow Lisa inherited everything, and she hasn’t been as generous with the others as they’d hoped. It’s led to hard feelings.

"In the old days, Patrick supported everyone. But now Lisa controls the family purse strings, and she’s virtually threatened to cut them all off. The Swayzes are worried."

The Dirty Dancing star died at age 57 on Sept. 14, 2009, after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. His passing hit brother Don – a 51-year-oldactor who appeared on the HBO hit True Blood this season – hard, another family friend told The ENQUIRER.

"Don’s still reeling. He’s under a lot of stress, and has started suffering blinding migraine headaches," said the source.

"He had one recently and got extremely dizzy. He said that he felt his face looked distorted, and went to the hospital. He thought he may have suffered a stroke."

Doctors ultimately ruled out that diagnosis, but more tests need to be done, said the source.

Meanwhile, truck driver Sean is facing severe financial hardships after a DUIarrest in February.

"Yes, it’s true, I had a DUI," Sean, 47, told The ENQUIRER. "I can’t get my license back until April 2011. That means I can’t earn a living until then."

Adding to his troubles, Sean, his family and his mother Patsy live in a home owned by Lisa.

"Lisa and Patrick have owned this house for about 20 years," Sean told The ENQUIRER.

The source added: "Sean is afraid that Lisa could use his DUI as a reason to throw them all out on the street, including Patrick’s mother. Right now life is a mess for the Swayzes. They miss Patrick terribly, and they’re all very concerned about their futures."