WARPAINT-WEARING “Survivor 2” contestant Michael Skupin has a violent dark side — he’s beaten a motorist bloody, decked a total stranger and slapped his ex-wife in front of their two children!

Skupin, 39, who shocked many TV viewers by stalking a wild pig with a makeshift spear, has also stunned friends by saying he wants to run down a deer with his truck — and longs to kill an endangered rhinoceros.

“The other contestants on the show should watch out for Mike. Behind his polite manners, he has a killer instinct,” said a source who knows the Michigan native.

“During the Persian Gulf War, Mike asked a recruiter about joining up just for the duration of the war so he could fire missiles into Iraq. He wanted to blast off some missiles, then come home. He was serious, too.

“Mike bragged to me about the time he beat up this ‘grease monkey type.’ It happened in Livonia, Mich. The guy cut Mike off and at a stoplight, they both got out of their cars.

“The other guy was well-built, dressed in work clothes and as Mike tells it, ‘He looked at me in my suit like I was supposed to be afraid of him. So I beat the hell out of him just to show I wasn’t defenseless.’

“Blood was pouring from the guy and he was trying to give up but Mike hit him a few more times.

Vegetarian “Survivor 2” contestant Kimmi gave up meat as a teen when a pig she raised was sent off to slaughter.

“Another time Mike was leaving a sporting event at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. He’d had too many beers and a spectator made a comment that Mike had made a pass at his girlfriend. Mike uncorked on him. He told me it wasn’t even a fair fight. The guy was on the floor bleeding before he knew it. Mike can be very confrontational.”

Skupin’s ex-wife Karen found that out. It was late 1995 and Skupin was set to marry his second wife Peni. He’d obtained an order of protection against Karen, saying she was stalking his fiancee.

Karen, in court papers opposing the protection order, claimed her ex-husband was the scary one.

Once when he returned their children late from a visit, Skupin and Karen got into an argument in front of the kids. Suddenly, Karen charged, Mike “slapped her across the face,” right in front of the kids.

Skupin’s friend of 20 years, Dave Miller, told The ENQUIRER about the slapping incident: “When you’re going through a divorce things occur.”

Skupin’s violent side extends to man AND beast.

“If it’s walked in the wild, Mike’s probably killed it . . . mountain goat, deer and a huge wild boar,” his friend Greg Swan told The ENQUIRER.

Skupin is so proud of the boar he bagged, he had his son Michael, daughter Kalyn and their friend pose for a photo with the dead animal in the back of his truck.

“He used to keep the photo on his desk at work,” said the source. “It grossed out a lot of people.”

Mike’s favorite game is deer — but he’s not above bending the rules while hunting, the source revealed.

“He told me if a buck ran in front of his truck and it was big enough, he’d hit it!

“Mike’s an animal lover. He thinks they’re delicious.”

Animal rights activists won’t be pleased to learn that Skupin’s big dream is to kill a rhinoceros, which is on the endangered species list.

“There’s nothing he’d like more,” the source disclosed.

Said Swan: “He’s got ivory rhinos, wood rhinos, rhino paintings and rhino key chains. I bought him a battery-powered toy rhino that makes a charging sound.”

And the name of Skupin’s Christian computer software company is — Rhinosoft Interactive!


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