‘Survivor’ Nude Photo Shocker

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SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN contestant J’TIA TAYLOR has been keeping the naked truth about herself a big secret.

The brainy beauty – who holds a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering – once bared it all for “Playboy”!

The ENQUIRER has learned that in February 2004, while still a grad­uate student, J’Tia posed fully nude on the men’s magazine’s website as a “Cyber Girl of the Week.”

“The photo spread includes J’Tia looking seductively at the camera, while appearing completely nude, baring her chest and her bottom,” an insider told us.

Despite posing nude and pursuing a modeling career part time, J’Tia, 31, insists she identifies more with her “nerdy” side.

“I’m definitely easy on the eyes, but I’m a true ‘brain’ at heart,” she said. “I would say I’m one-quarter beauty, three-quarters brain.”

Survivor: Cagayan” is the reality show’s 28th season on CBS. The tribes are divided into three cat­egories: Beauty, Brains and Brawn. While J’Tia is on the “Brains” tribe, her team struggled during the first week of competition, with J’Tia making some of the worst mistakes.

On the first episode, host Jeff Probst called J’Tia’s team loss “one of the worst performances out of the gate in the history of ‘Survivor.’”

 J’Tia ran into trouble when she failed to build a shelter despite her engineering background, and she further incited animosity when she dumped out her team’s food supply.

“She gets out there and immedi­ately wants to take over in building a shelter and runs into problems right away,” Probst said. “I’m not sure anyone’s gonna feel too com­fortable about our future knowing that J’Tia is a nuclear engineer.”