Boy oh boy, did Rob get caught in his own crap this week or what? He’s definitely playing to win, but he panics too much when he thinks things are not going his way, and then he makes bad decisions.

Rob has lied to every single person on the island, and the lies have been so elaborate that he has to laugh himself.

I agree with his motives — it’s all about “GP,” or Gettin’ Paid — but he’s gone to too many people for help!

I think Rob is more desperate to win the money than anyone because it would forever make him a “winner” — which I’m assuming has not happened much in his life. If he won “Survivor,” Rob would finally get attention from the kind of women who otherwise wouldn’t even notice he’s alive.

And he’s probably worried that if he doesn’t win and goes home and everyone sees what a jerk he’s been, that his life would even be more depressing.

Rob actually reminds me of Clay from “Survivor: Thailand” in a lot of ways. They don’t know when to quit, and after a while they become annoying to everyone they meet — and even hated.

And for crying out loud, what’s with the tears every week?! If it’s not Jenna, it’s Heidi. Or both of them.

Heidi especially shouldn’t cry. That skeleton mess looks horrible when she tears up her face like that, doesn’t she?! God, I really want to sneak a sandwich to her by Federal Express!

And what are they crying about all of the time? I’m guessing it’s for sympathy, but it ain’t workin’, girls.

The reward challenge was interesting. Matt did the smart thing and acted selflessly by allowing the other tribemates to get visits from loved ones, instead of opting to be the only person to get a visit. Not only did he earn a little gratitude, Jeff Probst in turn rewarded him by granting him an overnight visit from his mom, whereas his tribemates only got 10 minutes with their visitors. It was a double win for Matt, really.

On “Survivor: Thailand,” it was important for a lot of people to see their families, but for me it was a distraction. I was not there to be smoochie-smoochie or to make friends, I was there to win. “Survivor” is NOT a game of checkers, you know — it’s a life-altering event if you win.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, C.C., but I didn’t need my mind distracted from the game to spend a few hours telling her not to worry and that I had a plan. I was determined to win, and I didn’t need a boost from anyone or extra motivation.

So I stayed focused, stayed true to my plan and shortly thereafter walked away with $1 million. THAT was all the motivation I needed.