We’re down to nine players in a single tribe, and now it’s a whole new ball game. You have to keep in mind that the jury is forming, so you have to be careful how you interact with everyone every single minute – because no one forgets anything.

The women are gaining momentum but that little stunt that Jenna and Heidi did at the immunity/endurance challenge – for peanut butter and chocolate — was shocking but ultimately didn’t make a difference at all in their standing. It was fun for the moment but it won’t help them stay out there any longer.

No one – except maybe Rob – is seriously thinking about sex. And if he really had the chance he probably wouldn’t know what to do with those girls, anyway.

I can see Rob running away screaming through the jungle looking for Jeff Probst to save him if Heidi or Jenna said, “OK, Rob, let’s do it!”

Besides, these girls are just teases or flirts who are immature. This is how young people are validated – with their sex appeal.

Oh and by the way, Dave is included in that group, too. Dave said on the promotional DVD that you can get for free from any Saturn car dealership — that “chicks” really dig him because he’s a rocket scientist.

This is a guy who is obviously very smart, but because of his youth he’s still using his job – and his looks – to get “chicks.” However, I must admit most rocket scientists don’t look like Dave.

On “Survivor:Thailand,” our endurance test was holding coins between our fingers without dropping them in a terribly hot cave. I won that challenge, but I understand Vecepia said I was lucky and only won because I was competing with the “Geritol” crowd.

Well, she’s right! But believe me, I planned it that way. I made sure I got rid of all of the people who were my age or younger than me so I would have an edge. And it worked out very well, if I must say so myself.

I figured out my strategy the moment I saw who the other 15 people were, and one by one they all went home. In the end I battled the nursing home crowd – and won.

Vecepia won “Survivor,” too, but it could have easily gone the other way. And to tell you the truth, I personally think someone just made a mistake and voted for her by accident confusing voting to evict her rather than to win.

On the last show instead of voting someone off you are voting for the winner. But it was too late to change it and Vecepia won the money.

And like she said last week, what difference does it make how you win, as long as you do? And that’s true but I would hate to depend on luck for something so important. My win, however, was sheer brilliance.

Now back to this group in the Amazon, things will change every week and alliances will be broken and new ones formed.

It’s get very serious now because you have to vote off people but keeping in mind they will be either voting for you or against you if you make it to the final two. So, everything will count for you or against you.

That’s why Deena discussing making it to the final three at this point is a waste of time. Literally, day by day things change depending on the circumstances. You could lose your temper one day because you are hungry or tired and ordinarily you could apologize and it’s forgotten – but not in this game. That little incident would be enough to send you packin’ – game over.

People change and votes change all of the time.

The game is up for grabs and right now. And although I think Deena needs to chill a little bit, in my opinion she’s the front-runner.