Say goodbye to Scientology – little Suri Cruise’s heading to Catholic School!

Despite the objections of Xenu, Sciento lovin’ Tom Cruise has allowed daughter Suri to be enrolled in a Roman Catholic preschool in Boston while filming  Wichita there.

A source close to Cruise says that Suri will be attending the Yawkey Centre for Early Education and Learning and although the school is run by Catholic Charities, "There is no rift between Tom and Katie over this.

"As is often the case, children of different faiths are sent to schools run by one religious denomination or another. Plenty of non-Catholics send their children to Catholic schools-simply because they think they will get a better education there." 

Thetan enhanced Katie, once a Catholic herself, and her parents are said to be thrilled.

Like any pre-schooler, Suri, less so.

According to the source, TomKat still are 100% Xenu disiples despite Suri gettin’ some Passion.