Lotta talk going ’round these here parts how Will Smith is some kind of July 4th Wonder Boy. 

Sure Hancock opened strong for the weekend but $66 mill ain’t no really big B.O.

Naturally, the film opened on a Tuesday –  so yeah, it did make a $107.3 mill on its opening turn.

Wait – here comes the mind-bending pronouncement:

"Will Smith, Mom, apple pie and the Fourth of July. It doesn’t get any better," said Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony.

"People just so relate to him and the characters that he plays. They totally embraced it as something different, something fresh."

Yeah, we really relate to homeless street bums with foul mouths.  The ones we ignore almost every day with outstretched palms and glazed eyes as they mumble incoherently.

Oh, this bum has super- powers.  Brilliant.

Wall-E $33.4 mill edged Wanted $20.6 for the Number Two spot.  Robot cartoon beats Angelina action cartoon.