BARBRA STREISAND turns ponderous proboscis up at her only child because he refuses to stop his gay-party lifestyle, settle down and make her a grandmother.

Although Barbra, 69, has never taken issue with the fact that her son Jason Gould, 45, is a ho­mosexual, she’s never been able to put up with his “promiscu­ous” ways and hasn’t talked to him in more than a year, say sources.

Jason – Barbra’s son with “M*A*S*H*” star  Elliott Gould, her first husband – is HIV-positive and has a reputation as a Casanova in New York City’s gay community, ac­cording to the sources.

“It’s terribly sad,” an insider revealed. “There’s a tremendous strain in their relationship and it’s because they’re both so similar – stubborn and pigheaded.

“Jason has a reputation as quite the Romeo. He dates a lot of different guys and is always on the lookout for a new conquest.

“Barbra is ter­rified that he’s neglecting his health and fo­cusing too much attention on his social life.

“She wants him to fall in love with a nice boy and settle down. But Jason says that’s just not in the cards.”

When Barbra first heard rumors last year that Jason was involved in relationships with multiple men and en­gaging in public displays of affection, she blew up.

“She screamed, ‘I don’t want to hear it!’ whenever anyone brought up Jason’s love life,” the insider said.

“At that point she called Jason and told him he needed to settle down with one guy and to quit all the playing around – and if he was go­ing to be irresponsible with his life then she was going to wash her hands of him.

“But Jason takes good care of himself and feels that his sex life is his own business.

“He told his mother in no uncertain terms to take her nose out of his business – and she hasn’t talked to him since.”

The “Funny Girl” singer is doubly devastated by Jason since he told her he wasn’t interested in adopting a child or hiring a surrogate in order to be a father.

“Barbra is almost 70 and she wants a grandchild,” the source noted. “She’s upset with Jason for denying her that pleasure.”

For now, neither is willing to budge.

“Barbra says she’s not go­ing to call Jason until he changes what she calls a dan­gerous lifestyle,” added the source. “And Jason won’t call Barbra until she can learn to mind her own business.”