The hit show STORAGE WARS is battling with star DAVE HESTER over allegations the show is faked, say sources.

 A showdown between the A&E network and Hester may result with the reality star ankling Storage Wars. Taping for the new season of the show has started even though the cast's money deals deals are not finalized.

"Dave was sent an option for the new season and then it was rescinded," a source told . "It’s turned into a big mess and some people on the show are convinced it is all going to end up in court."

Hester is famous for his signature "Yuuuup" bid and is the breakout star of the show. But now he’s both alarmed and upset about the show’s actions.

"He was not involved in the first few days of filming even though the rest of cast was," said a source. "He thinks he may be fired."

One big issue: accusations that the show’s bidding is rigged and that items are put in some lockers to be "discovered" to add DRAH-MA to the ep.

"People close to the show talk about allegations the show is fake a lot and word has gotten back to the execs," the source said.

One source claims Hester is worried he will be a target because of the complaints. And with his contract not done for the new season, he’s worried the network is singling him out.

Storage Wars has been a ratings winner for years, as the show features four professional buyers bidding on abandoned storage lockers. "But the network is more focused on some of its other hits right now," a source told Radar.

"The cast is getting squeezed financially on some issues that are related to the show and the show has not resolved, even with taping beginning."

When asked about Hester’s status and the charges of the show being faked, A&E told Radar: "We have no comment."