MARK BALELO, who was going to become a regular face on “Storage Wars,” may get dumped into cold storage – and be deported as a convicted felon!

The handsome Latino liquidator, who was born in Portugal and raised in Brazil, has a history of convictions for weapons and drug offenses.

“Mark’s legal right to remain in the United States is on the line,” his girlfriend Elizabeth Metzidis told The ENQUIRER.

“The thought that he could be taken at any moment and thrown on a plane and deported is very upsetting to him.”

But an insider close to the hit A&E reality show said: “Balelo is a bad man with a rap sheet as long as his arm.”

According to court documents, Balelo’s record dates back to 2007, when he was busted for three drug-related felonies and wound up being sentenced to 60 days in jail and three years probation.

He was busted twice in 2011 on firearm, illegal drug and probation violations and just recently served 45 days behind bars on yet another probation violation.

Balelo is another black mark for “Storage Wars,” which follows a colorful group of folks who bid on abandoned storage lockers in hopes of finding hidden treasures. As The ENQUIRER recently reported, former star DAVE HESTER claims in a lawsuit that he was unjustly fired for charging that the show was rigged.

And now Balelo “is making a mockery of our justice system,” blasted the insider. “He needs to be put on a plane and shipped out!”