Yuuup! Contentious in-house network war as DAVE HESTER locked out of STORAGE WARS.

Execs at A&E have locked out Dave Hester, blocking him from filming several shows for the new season as tensions mounted between the two sides, reported

And while Hester will be seen on the Season Four premiere December 4, that episode was taped before the net locked him out.

"They did not let Dave film the first several shows," an insider said.                      

"The network and production company has the power. The rest of the cast is working without having their contract issues fully worked out.

"And Hester simply was not allowed to tape. He had no offer."

Hester is arguably the show’s biggest star and its most polarizing.

Fans either love and hate him, with his signature "Yuuup!" during bidding the most recognizable catch phrase.

Ratings have slipped for the show and the network no longer views Storage Wars as its top priority.

"Inside the network the feeling is 'we're going to tape this show with or without you,' a source told Radar.

And in the case of Hester, it has been WITHOUT.