STORAGE WARS cast in dire dilemma after DAVE HESTER ignited an abandoned locker of legal hate!

One item certain the  Storage Wars crew won’t find in an auctioned locker: a contract to appear in all of the show’s episodes!

In the aftermath of Dave Hester filing a lawsuit against the A&E network and the production company, at least three familiar faces have now been cut back on the hit show, reports.

Hester was reportedly frozen out by execs and then filed suit, complete with charges that the show is faked in many ways, including valuable items being “seeded” in bought lockers, to add drama.

Now Darrel Sheets was frozen out of approximately six extra episodes of Storage Wars.

 “Sheets, known as “The Gambler” on the show, is a popular character but the source explains the motive for cutting him back was money.

“It seems as if they are going after some of the higher paid cast members,” the source said. “And meanwhile they are expanding the franchise.”

Fellow auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson were also cut back in the season that just finished shooting.