On the 30th anniversary of the death of Hollywood rebel STEVE McQUEEN, his BULLIT costars reveal the truth about the man they called the King of Cool.

Searchlights lit up the night skies over Hollywood at a special screening of the 1968 classic which set the gold standard for glossy action.

French beauty JACQUELINE BISSSET's who's first American film was Bullit told the audience that initially she  was skittish being in a high-octane muscle car actioner "because there was a lot of male stuff going on.

"He told me 'you're a good driver — for a woman."

The Man from UNCLE himself, Hollywood vet ROBERT VAUGHN recalled that he told McQueen he didn't think the script was any good.

"He made me an offer that was the most I'd ever been paid so all of the sudden, the script seemed a LOT better," Vaughn said.

"It's really McQueen and the car that makes it work."

And the secret to McQueen's success?

"It was the eyes," Vaughn confessed.  "He conveyed passion, compassion."