Carrie and Charlotte find new love interests, Miranda struggles to establish a relationship with her baby’s father, and lovely Samantha gets a disfiguring chemical peel in the final episodes of the new season of “Sex and the City.”

These are just a few of the twists and turns viewers will see in a shortened season of the popular HBO series.

The new season — beginning July 21 — has been cut to eight episodes due to the pregnancy of Sarah Jessica Parker. It will include Charlotte’s final divorce from Trey, but much else will be left hanging, according to an inside source who offered The ENQUIRER a sneak peek.

“The writers and producers are packing a lot of laughs and sex into this short season — but not much more plot development,” said the source.

“Sarah Jessica’s Carrie Bradshaw continues to ask whether she can have it all, while Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, finds it hard to combine her high-powered legal career with being a new mom.

“Charlotte York MacDougal, played by Kristin Davis, fights with her mother-in-law while she’s divorcing her husband — and then takes up with her divorce attorney!

“And, of course, Kim Cattrall’s Samantha continues to chase handsome young men wherever she finds them!”

The fifth episode of the coming season centers on a fancy party given to celebrate Carrie’s new book.

“Carrie becomes attracted to a handsome young writer and is very disappointed to learn he’s already living with a woman.

“Meanwhile, Samantha decides to have Botox injections and a chemical peel before the party — but her face winds up temporarily very irritated. She does come to Carrie’s big party, where a shocked Carrie tells her her face looks like ‘beef carpaccio’!

“As for Charlotte, she hires a tough but sloppy lawyer to represent her in her divorce, winds up in a red-hot affair with him, and then falls in love!

“Carrie and Samantha take a cross-country train trip to San Francisco as part of a book tour and sexy Samantha — always ready for action — looks for a man to hit on to make the ride more fun.

But on this particular train, not one man responds, and Samantha winds up hilariously frustrated!

“Once in San Francisco, Carrie meets up with Mr. Big — of course — but she finds he’s very offended by what she wrote about him in the new book.

“Instead of the night-long love-making she really wants, Carrie gets hours of complaints about the book. Even after dinner, the endless discussion continues back at his hotel room, until they both fall asleep — with absolutely no romance.

“Of course, the next morning is a different story!

“The final episode of the new season finds everyone back in New York where Carrie runs into her writer beau, who is now free for romance.

“The season ends with Charlotte still in love with her new attorney, while Miranda is still wondering whether or not to get back together with the father of her child.

“Samantha, of course, remains Samantha — carefree and looking for a little fun while her younger girlfriends agonize over love and sex.”