Charlie’s Angels” star Cameron Diaz is NO angel! She may be heavenly onscreen, but behind the scenes she is the worst celebrity for fans seeking an autograph, according to Autograph Collector magazine. “Cameron is nothing short of a witch when it comes to signing autographs,” say the mag’s editors. “Cameron — your tireless efforts to constantly shoot down autograph requests have finally paid off. You are the worst of the worst!” Cameron is followed at No. 2 by Bruce Willis. “The only thing that keeps him from taking the No. 1 Worst spot is that he’ll sign a few autographs at a premiere if it appears to be a situation where he’ll receive good PR,” said the magazine. “Making matters worse, Bruce isn’t afraid to get vulgar when he doesn’t want to sign.” Here, according to the magazine, are some of the other WORST SIGNERS:

  • Demi Moore: “It’s been so long since Demi has signed that we have doubts she can even remember how to sign her name!”
  • “The Lord of the Rings” star Orlando Bloom: “Orlando goes out of his way to avoid collectors like the plague.”
  • “American Pie” beauty Shannon Elizabeth: “If looks were determined by personality, Shannon Elizabeth would be the ugliest hag in Hollywood!”
  • Janet Jackson: “Trying to ask Janet Jackson for an autograph is like trying to break into Fort Knox with a toothpick!”
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Making the list for an unprecedented third straight year, Mrs. Michael Douglas remains one of the most elusive signers in Hollywood.”
  • Christina Aguilera: “Surrounded by a fortress of bodyguards, Christina does her best to make sure she is as isolated from the public as possible.”


  • Never fear, Autograph Collector says Hollywood DOES have nice celebs, ranking Colin Farrell as the best signer in TinselTown. “Colin is extremely generous with fans and collectors, and goes out of his way to sign for everyone he can at his movie premieres. Also a very funny guy, he just flat-out loves to sign autographs.”
  • “Blue Crush” beauty Kate Bosworth: “Kate has a smile that will make you melt and a personality to match. If you see Kate and want her autograph, she’ll be very flattered and leave you with a great feeling.”
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt: “Always willing to stop and sign.”
  • LeAnn Rimes: “When it comes to signing autographs, LeAnn is light years ahead of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.”
  • The Osbournes: “All four members of the Osbourne TV clan are great to fans and collectors. Thanks a lot, guys — you’re the bleepin’ greatest!”
  • Jennifer Garner: “Avoided the usual stigma associated with new superstarlets by continuing to sign for collectors wherever they find her.”
  • Jessica Simpson: “Move over Britney and Christina, Jessica Simpson is hotter, sweeter and, more importantly, really knows how to appreciate her fans!”