If you want a peek at a star’s diary, just log onto the Internet!

Ben Affleck, Barbra Streisand, Melanie Griffith, Jeff Bridges and TV weatherman Al Roker are among the celebrities who’ve joined the latest on-line trend — keeping a personal diary called a “blog.”

“Blogs” are short for “Web logs” and some 2 million people now jot down everything from their daily doings to their political beliefs and innermost thoughts.

“Celebrities are always spoken for on TV shows or in other media. Blogs allow them to speak for themselves,” said Ananda Mitra, an associate professor of communication at Wake Forest University.

“Seabiscuit” star Jeff Bridges recounted an amusing anecdote about his late father, “Sea Hunt” star Lloyd Bridges, on his blog. “I remember a taxi driver once telling me he used to play ‘Sea Hunt.’ He’d put a vacuum cleaner on his back, pretending it was an air tank, put his mom’s panty hose on, pretending it was a wet suit. My destination was reached before I could figure out a response.”

Melanie Griffith wrote about her battle with prescription drugs. “Overcoming addiction is tough but it can be made easier if you have someone that can offer support. My husband and family supported me so much through this journey.”

Ben Affleck’s blog had nothing about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. He kept it while filming the movie “Pearl Harbor,” and limited it to his daily filming schedule.

George Takei — Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek” — wrote: “I enjoy writing about provocative subjects, such as my displeasure with George Bush’s economic policies. Nothing is off limits.”

TV weatherman Al Roker noted in his blog on September 22: “Sorry I was incommunicado the last few days, but I was busy tracking Hurricane Isabel.”

Fred Durst of the band Limp Bizkit wrote gushingly in his blog about Britney Spears, then sounded off about her. He denied a romance with Ginger Spice and expressed his lust for Angelina Jolie.

William Shatner wrote: “This month I plan to take a breather, take a swim, a barbeque. I just can’t figure out when.” He also noted: “I love Chinese food, but I hate the calories.”

Barbra Streisand confessed on her blog: “My hobby is gardening, caring for roses. When I get upset I just go out and trim bushes.”

Humor columnist Dave Barry wrote: “Welcome to my blog. I will use the space to sound off on the important issues of the day and express views that are too ‘edgy’ for the mainstream corporate media. Also, I will reveal intimate details of my personal life. For example, this morning when I woke up . . . O.K., some details are too intimate even for this blog.”

To find out if your favorite celebrity keeps a blog, type their name into the Internet — for example,,, — and you’ll be directed straight to their Web sites.