SLY STALLONE refuses surgery for ripped bicep during new flick, saying he’s more automaton than man.

  Sly was shooting new actioner “The Tomb” when “The Expendables” guru felt something tear again – this time in a bicep. “I really shouldn’t (carry on doing stunts) because it comes at a very serious price,” Sly told Hello magazine.

“I’ve had so many operations, I’m more like a robot than a human being,” Stallone admitted.

“Since The Expendables in 2010, I’ve had two back operations, my neck is fused, I’ve had both my shoulders done and I’ve just had 70 stitches on my leg because the Achilles tendon exploded – yeah, that was a bad one.

“When I was shooting my next film, The Tomb, I tore my bicep.

"The doctor goes, ‘Do you want to operate?’ I go, ‘No, forget it, I don’t care. I’m not going through any more operations – besides, there’s a tattoo of my wife there that I want to keep.

“I guess I should use more stunt doubles than I do but for some reason I enjoy doing them. It’s just a crazy challenge I can’t resist.”