Sylvester Stallone plead guilty this week to illegaly importing Human Growth Hormone into Australia. Stallone claims he takes the drugs for legitimate purposes. Stallone’s lawyer said “This was a legitimate medical condition being treated by doctors of the top ranking order in the west coast of the United States.” Stallone gave a written apology to the court stating he made a “terrible mistake” and that he was ignorant of Australian laws. However, Australian officials tell a different story, and charge he tried to get rid of evidence when he knew he was in legal trouble. The spokesman for the Australian Customs Service said Stallone “threw the four vials (of HGH) from his hotel window into the garden beds below when he knew customs officers [were coming to see him the following day,]”.The spokesman added: “There is only one reason (for Stallone to throw the vials out the window), and that is consciousness of guilt with the possession of these vials, which infringed the law.”Stallone faces fines of up to $22,000 AUD (18,000 USD) and no jail time. Court documents say the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved Jintropin (the drug Stallone smuggled into Australia) and that the drug is not a recognized treatment for any medical condition.