A FANATICAL stalker has singer Courtney Love living in fear for her and her young daughter’s life — and now has even ruined Courtney’s plans to get married!

Courtney couldn’t even get away from the nightmare in her own home — where pals say she was once horrified to discover she was being secretly photographed in her bedroom by the sneaky creep!

The sexy grunge rock star says she’s the victim of a 20-month campaign of terror at the hands of Lesley Barber — her boyfriend’s ex-wife, who’s on a mission to destroy her, pals say.

“Courtney is petrified,” a source close to the talented performer told The ENQUIRER. “She is utterly terrified of Lesley, who has tried to kill her by running her over with her car.”

Lesley is the ex-wife of recording executive Jim Barber, who started dating Courtney in 1999 — before he and Lesley divorced and while his “ex” was pregnant.

Courtney’s birth name is Love Michelle Harrison.

Lesley bitterly blames Courtney for the breakup — but Lesley and Jim were sleeping in separate beds long before Courtney entered the picture, pals say.

In court papers filed December 15, Courtney asks for an injunction against Lesley — and seeks more than $1.5 million in damages. She claims Lesley told her to her face: “You’re a bitch and I’m going to get you.”

Barber even threatened to burn down her house and plant cocaine in her car, says Courtney.

Lesley rattled Courtney most deeply when she started stalking her daughter Frances Bean, 8.

“Courtney maintains Lesley’s car has been spotted outside Frances’ school in Culver City on numerous occasions,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

The ongoing mess has squashed Courtney’s relationship with Jim Barber.

“That’s sad, because they were on their way to the altar,” divulged the insider. “But Courtney’s so terrified of Lesley that any thoughts of marriage are out the window.”

When The ENQUIRER contacted Lesley for comment, she responded: “No, I don’t care.”


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