Communicating with the dead or a lot of baloney?

“Long Island Medium” spirtulaist Theresea Caputo may have seemed to charm “The Ellen Show” aud during her guest appearance last year, but there was one eager fan that left upset and disappointed.

Pamela Weinstein who tragically lost her 3-year-old son, Brandon, in 1999 to a deranged murderer as the innocent toddler was playing at a Costa Mesa, Calif., playground—saysthat she was ainhgled out by the so-called “dead whisperer” for a reading during a taping of the May 1, 2013 episode.

“Somebody lost a son in a tragedy,” Caputo, 47, called out. “He tells me that he’s passed because he shows the doves in his hands.”

She then zeroed in on Weinstein, 49, who attended Ellen’s talk show with her eldest son, Justin.

“He’s thanking you for loving him and respecting his choices. You didn’t always agree with him, but you always respected him, is that correct?” Caputo told the grieving mother, who looked confused on camera.

Though Weinstein reluctantly nodded, she says the reality star was far from correct.

“She was referring to my son as being much older than he was,” the Lancaster, Calif., resident tells Radar. “She was definitely not spot on. I thought, ‘No, this does not sound like him.’ I do not think she was capturing his spirit at all.”

Weinstein says she had previously watched Caputo’s reality TV show, and was excited by the prospect of having a personal reading with the self-described medium. But that all changed after their awkward interaction.

“The reading wasn’t anything close to what my son would have wanted me to hear,” she says. “It did not offer closure at all.”

Instead, Weinstein says she now finds peace by praying to her late son.

“I talk to him myself,” she explains. “I say, ‘Show me this sign, and I’ll know it’s you.’”

In a bombshell report, Radar exclusively revealed that private investigatorRon Tebo had accused the psychic of being a total phohy.

“She does more harm than good” the SciFake.com founder told RadarOnline. “She’s bringing comfort under false pretenses, and taking advantage of vulnerable, grieving people.

POP FYI: HARRY HOUDINI  debunked fraudulent mediums who claimed contact with the dead for decades and detailed his research in “A Magician Among The Spirits”.