The Queen ignites royal furor with KATE MIDDLETON – as the British Empire seems on the verge of an ungodly godparent WAR.  

 PRINCE WILLIAM and his pregnant wife Kate are facing a new family crisis – his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has pooh-poohed Kate’s choice of godparents!

Sources say the royal mom-to-be would like her wild-child sister Pippa and troubled younger brother James Middleton to be her baby’s religious sponsors.

But the image-conscious queen feels Kate’s siblings are “unsuitable,” and wants the coveted roles for her son Prince Andrew and his 24-year-old daughter Princess Beatrice.

“It’s the latest bat­tle for William and Kate, and one that they very well could lose,” a royal insider told The ENQUIRER.

“WILLIAM IS STILL VERY MUCH under his grandmother’s thumb, and Kate’s incredibly frustrated because she feels powerless.”

Kate’s brother James, a 25-year-old college dropout, earned royal scorn for his contro­versial business, which peddles cakes bearing the image of Prin­cess Diana as well as novelty cakes featuring smutty slogans.

“On top of that, James is teetering on bankruptcy,” said the source. “He had to hit up his family for money to bail him out.”

Meanwhile, 29- year-old Pippa is considered “radioactive” for her party-girl lifestyle and the flop of her new book on entertaining, “Celebrate.”

But Kate, 31, always assumed her siblings would be her baby’s godparents “until the queen let it be known to her that they were unworthy role models for a royal heir, and she wants granddaughter Bea­trice and William’s uncle Andrew as the baby’s official sponsors,” said the source.

“Kate is heartbroken, and William changes the subject whenever she brings it up. It’s Kate’s first real taste of the queen’s iron fist, and she doesn’t like it