DEMI MOORE finally pulled the plug on her six-year marriage because she couldn’t bear hubby ASHTON KUTCHER’s cold rejection – and refusal to fight for their marriage.

Feeling old and insecure, the 49-year-old fading screen star realized that the 33-year-old “Two and a Half Men” hunk clearly preferred younger women, and she could no longer compete, say sources.

“Demi was at the top of her game when she and Ashton met, but she’s a shadow of her former self now,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Gone is the voluptuous figure and dazzling smile. Demi looks old and miserable.”

At nearly 50, her Fountain of Youth has run dry.

“Ashton lost interest in her physically,” revealed the insider. “He made half-hearted attempts at salvaging their marriage by going to Kabbalah counseling, but it wasn’t enough.”

They haven’t lived together as husband and wife in several months, according to the insider. Ashton has been sleeping in his trailer at the set of his TV show and is partying with his pals.“Demi decided she could no longer endure a passionless and indifferent marriage,” said the insider.

On Nov. 17, the actress announced she was divorcing Ashton.

The “Ghost” star’s world collapsed after Ashton’s bombshell affair with 23-year-old blonde hottie Sara Leal exploded in September, his second reported public tryst in a little over a year.

As The ENQUIRER revealed, Ashton had dragged his feet on ending the marriage.
While the couple reportedly had an open marriage and rumors swirled that Demi engaged in lesbian trysts, another source said: “Ashton took it to extremes, and the affairs that became public were beyond humiliating for Demi.

“She hoped that Ashton would fight for their marriage, but he didn’t put any real effort into it.”