INSIDE the $40 million dollar director’s feud with  younger bother who died penniless.

SPIKE LEE’s younger brother died destitute and practically homeless after a falling-out with the famous – and rich – Hollywood director.

Christopher “Shadow” Lee, a graffiti artist who lived in Brooklyn, N.Y., died of a heart attack on Dec. 30 at the age of 55. As The ENQUIRER previously reported, he and Spike, 56, feuded over a family inheritance in 2006 – and insiders say Christopher never got over it.

In an exclusive interview in our Jan. 8, 2007, issue, Christopher explained that the “Malcolm X” director – who’s worth about $40 million – had refused to give him a cash advance on his stake in a parcel of land that their grandmother had left to them and their three siblings. The property was under Spike’s control.

At the time, Christopher was about to be evicted from his Brooklyn apartment and was applying for welfare.

“Christopher said he begged Spike for his share of the land so he could sell it, but Spike refused to discuss it or give him an advance to keep him from becoming homeless,” explained a family insider. “Christopher said he never got a dime.”

“They were still fighting over money when Christopher died. Christopher said Spike is very selfish but pretends to be so compassionate toward other people.”

Spike, who denied Christopher’s accusations, spoke at his brother’s Jan. 4 funeral in Brooklyn.

“Sure, Spike turned out for his brother in death,” the insider added. “But in life, when he could have made a real differ­ence, he chose to let Christopher fend for himself.”