Britney and Jamie Lynn‘s ma, Lynne, got a new tell-all out and now she just won’t shut up!

Lynne was on The Today Show spilling her guts about then 16 year old Jamie Lynne’s pregnancy announcement.

She recalled that Jamie Lynn handed her a note and told her to go into the bedroom to read it.  It read she was pregnant but "everything was gonna be OK, mom" because she and BF Casey Aldridge were going to raise the child.

Jamie Lynn who announced she was the new teen prego poster child last December gave birth in June at age 17 to daughter Maddie Brian.  She and Casey are as of yet still unwed. 

"I mean, I had no idea. I took a lot of the blame. I took all the blame," Lynne confessed on national TV.

Wonder how the nation’s other prominent teen prego star Bristol told her mother GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin?

Hope she didn’t send an e-mail.

(Pic: Jamie Lynn 2004)