FUGGEDABOUDIT! In what’s gotta be the dumbest freakin’ move ever made by reality TV, those “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” queens suddenly invaded “The Sopranos” set and — with cameras crankin’ — chirped cheerily at hairybear bossman James Gandolfini: “HI, there! Ready for your makeover?” That’s when all HELL broke loose, say insiders. Turning bright red with anger, Gandolfini snarled, “Get the f— away from me!” When his message didn’t immediately register in the Queer Ear, Gandolfini exploded! “WHO THE F— LET YOU IN HERE?” he shouted. “TURN THOSE F—-N’ CAMERAS OFF . . . NOW!” Finally reacting to their star’s outrage at the on-set ambush, “Sopranos” producers — who’d allowed the “Queer Eye” invasion thinking Gandolfini would be amused — quickly started shooing The Gay Gang toward the exit. Boss of All Bosses stormed off to his dressing room fuming, and refused to return until he’d been guaranteed there wasn’t a Queer Eye in sight!