A juror in the trial of accused Sopranos thesp Lilo Brancato, Jr.  disappeared.

Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus stalled for hours, waiting  for the juror to show up, holding up Monday’s proceedings when police located the runaway juror.

"We found him right across the street in jail," a court official revealed.

The 34 year old juror had been arrested over the weekend and was in a holding tank in the Bronx.  The AWOL jurist was busted after busting his 15-year-old stepson in the face.

Brancato, who is best known for playing Robert DeNiro‘s son in A Bronx Tale is standing trial for the murder of NYPD  officer Daniel Enchautegui, who was killed during an attempted burglary in 2005.

Steven Armento, Brancato’s co-accused, has already been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

This particular Bronx Tale continues with a new juror standing in for the nogoodnik.