Legendary Italian movie icon Sophia Loren is more than angry with Naples mounting trash crisis.  She’s furious!

Now La Loren’s launched an emergency appeal to the Italian government to "liberate" her beloved hometown from mountains of garbage.

"I beseech you, liberate Campania, the province of Naples, my hometown of Pozzuoli, my childhood home and the places I loved, from this misfortune," Loren wrote in an open letter to the government published in La Repubblica newspaper.

A "waste disposal state of emergency" has existed in Naples since 1994.

Silvio Berlusconi
, Italian Prime Minister and  former media mogul, has pledged to have the mounds of festering, decomposing refuse finally cleansed within the next three years.

But by  then it may be too late.

Two separate investigations are attempting to sift through alleged collusion between the trash disposal industry managed by local Camorra Mafia clans and corrupt  politicos.