The Real Housewives of Orange County” star GRETCHEN ROSSI has long defended her boyfriend SLADE SMILEY against charges that he’s a deadbeat dad – but his son’s mom tells The ENQUIRER that’s EXACTLY what he is!
What’s worse, Slade’s 11-year-old son Grayson is suffering from a rare brain tumor and requires 24-hour care, says his mom Michelle Arroyo.
While Michelle tends to her critically ill child, she says Slade continues to fall further behind in his payments even as Grayson’s medical bills pile up.
In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Michelle confirmed: “My son’s father, Slade Smiley, IS a deadbeat dad.”
Court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER back up Michelle’s claims.
According to the papers, Slade owes a whopping $160,000 in support! He has made only $7,000 in payments over the last several years despite starring on two reality TV shows. Slade contends he has been unable to find work.
“I just want Slade to do his part as a father,” Michelle said.
“We’ve been living with my sister for the past four years. I can’t work because of his illness.”
In recent months, Gretchen has stepped up her defense of Slade, blasting “Housewife” nemesis Tamra Barney for her verbal attacks against him. On June 14, Gretchen took her frustrations to her Bravo TV blog."Fact: I challenge any news outlet, Tamra, or anyone that has balls enough to get the correct information about this support issue out there  to ask for proof and documentation regarding payments and contributions to Grayson and his mother. Slade will have no problem disclosing those documents.”
When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Slade denied that he was a “deadbeat dad” and as proof sent us copies of two $500 money orders sent to the mother of his son as proof that he pays his child support. He also said that a $20,000 donation to his son’s foundation was made on his behalf by a production company. But he didn’t respond as to whether or not he still owes her $160,000.
And Michelle sounds far from satisfied.“I would love to see the documents that Gretchen is talking about,” she fumed.
“The court records don’t lie. He needs to start acting like a father and taking some responsibility.”