SNL Thumped For “Bible Bashing”

SNL Thumped For “Bible Bashing” thumbnail

NBC’s variety show “Saturday Night Live” is being condemned by religious leaders for mocking the Bible in two outrageous skits that aired earlier this month.

One of the controversial satires depicts Biblical characters as birds, the other pokes fun at the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden!

“The Bible was written by God and it should not be mocked in any way!” rips Baton Rouge-based preacher Moody Adams, founder of the Moody Adams Evangelistic Association.

The livid religious leader notes “there are 33 Christians being executed in North Korea” for trying to establish outlawed “home churches” even as the Peacock Network’s comedy show is “mocking the very teachings Korea’s martyring Christians for!”

In a March 1 sketch, a child complains reading the Bible is boring. In response, parents show him the “Bird Bible,” depicting popular characters from the Gospel as winged wonders.

The dad tells his kids, “The birds help make it seem more real!” Meanwhile, a narrator says the Bird Bible is a remedy for those who “are tired of traditional scripture presentations.”

Then seven days later, guest host Lena Dunham put a wild spin on the Bible’s story of Genesis.

The Girls star was supposed to be naked – with key body parts blurred-out by the camera – as she played Eve to SNL cast member Taran Killam’s Adam.

As the comedy bit begins, an announcer says, “Before there were Girls, there was the first Girl!” At one point, Eve wonders aloud how she ended up in the Garden of Eden.

When Adam tells her she was made from one of his ribs, Eve calls the notion “sexist” and tells him to take a women’s studies class!

Then after eating the forbidden fruit, Eve asks God not to “apple shame” her and points out her sin is at least “original” and she deserves credit for it – “or at least a publishing deal!” Some viewers felt the Bible skits were out of bounds.

“I just don’t see the humor in this,” one SNL viewer writes on the Internet. “The ‘birds make it seem more real’ seemed like an obvious jab at Christianity.” 

Says another, “Funny how they always make fun of one religion, though.”

A third writes, “What do you think the chances are SNL would ever dare mock the Koran like that?”

Meanwhile, evangelist Adams insists 3,000 Bible prophesies have come true, saying, “We ought to have reverence for it!”