The retread of TV comedy classic Get Smart starring Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway nabbed $39.2 mill over the weekend to debut in the Number One slot for movie box office.

While spy-spoof fans flocked to the 86/99 coupling, others left Mike Meyers puzzling The Love Guru shaking their heads.

The comedy about a self-help Indian mystic didn’t do Bollywood numbers – or even close – garnering $14 mill to open in the four slot.

The Two spot was jointly held by brawling Kung Fu Panda ani-comedy ($21.7 mill )and CGI-centric The Incredible Hulk ($21.6 mill).

"While the country may be suffering with a so-called recession, people are finding movies a fairly inexpensive way to get their entertainment,"  Paul Dergarabedian of  Media By Numbers

That is if moviegoers don’t have to drive to the theaters.