In Mumbai, India a star of the Oscar winning Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire was viciously attacked and beaten –

By his own father!

No less than a week after striding the red carpet 10 year old Azharuddin Mohammed was slapped and kicked by his father Ismail after refusing to be put on display in the Indian slum for neighbors to gawk at.

The ugly smackdown which lasted less than a minute occurred in the Dharvi slum in Mumbai where some of the film was lensed.  The boy who was exhausted from the long trip home from Disneyland to impoverished reality had taken the day off from school.

When he stood up to his father, Ismail began kicking and repeatedly slapping him despite the cries of his howling mother.

The fight finally came to a halt as Azharuddin cowered in a corner and began bawling.

"I’m very sorry for what I did," the boy’s father said afterward to the London Sun.

As well you should be!