Talk about OBNOXIOUS star bodyguards! Dubya himself would’ve been stunned by singer Prince‘s uptight security when he chowed at Cuvee, the trendy cafe on LA’s Robertson Blvd., where A-list stars like Paris Hilton,Robert De Niro, Naomi Campbell, Debra Messing, etc. – even demi-celebs like me – drop in daily. First, the lovely Mrs. Prince (a.k.a. Manuela) drove up in a Mercedes with a bevy of twittering assistants. Moments later, a tricked-out SUV swooped up and out leaped two beef-o’s in full Secret Service/drama queen mode – dark suits, shades, chattering nonstop on earphone walkie-talkies as . . . (drum roll) . . . His High-Heeled Highness, The Artist Formerly Known As an Unpronounceable Symbol, disembarked and swept inside like . . . well, like a Prince. Then the fun began! As Prince sat quietly noshing, the owner – a kindly, but famously feisty lady – was shocked to see Beef-o #1 ordering annoyed patio customers to move their tables back from the entrance, so they couldn’t peek in at Pretty Princeling. Then Beef-o #2 went in her face to complain that a customer had . . . Horrors! . . . passed within 10 feet of Prince’s table. The owner finally erupted when one bitchy lady-in-waiting barked at her: “Stop STARING at Prince!” Collaring Beef-o #1, she snapped: “How dare you harass my customers. We’re very used to celebrities here, and they’re never bothered by any of us or the press. But guess what – I can get on the phone and have Mike Walker here in five minutes” WHOA! The warning worked. She got an apology – and Prince even smiled and winked at her when he left two hours later. And what did he tip for their trouble? A Prince-ly $4, folks!